Samsung Galaxy 22 My Wallet and My Opinion It just came today; therefore, I’ll be uploading the Galaxy S22 Ultra Released Phone to my blog today. The phone isn’t mine; it’s my husband’s. ๐Ÿ˜‰ At first, he stated he’d use his Galaxy Note 10+ instead of mine but then changed his mind and said he’d use me instead this time around. After the s22 unpack event, I waited for a pre-booking. I applied as soon as it opened on February 14, the first pre-booking period. There is still time for pre-ordering the #s22 Ultra; however, it was launched on February 17 and delivered on February 18, four days later, due to early reservations. S22 Ultra Unboxing has finally arrived! #s22 Ultra Black Husband from S22 Ultra is unquestionably a black man. Is it necessary that I switch up the hue this time? But since it’s matte, the black is very wonderful! Because I’m using NARS, I went with a size of 256G. Surprise! The S22 Ultra was waiting for me when I opened the package Boxes for mobile phones are often quite thin. Nearly all of the components are missingโ€ฆ? Among the package, contents are instructions, cable, and mobile phone. The needle used to remove the USIM was connected to the left box’s rear. I have nothing to say about the S22 Ultra’s front since it’s so beautiful. For the first time in my life, I’m uploading a technological gadget online. On the front, there’s a clear film! How can I get the SIM out of my S22 Ultra?

Is it possible to remove the SIM with a needle? Don’t use it. Utilize it. Like this, there’s a mark. In any case, there’s another hole immediately next to where the USIM chip is put in, which is a clear message not to probe about there. A photo of the plastic bag is opened! Isn’t it wonderful? Even though he doesn’t even own it, he’s jumping up and down beside me with excitement. Also, I removed the backing of the film. The Samsung Galaxy logo displays when I switch on the power. Because the rear appeared so wealthy from the s22 Ultra Black viewpoint, I recorded a video of it. Can you make out what I’m trying to say? Looking up and down increases your attractiveness! Because it’s matte, the light that shines off of it is charming. Once you’ve completed the initial setup, it will automatically switch on and reboot. While restarting, I had a peek at my phone. You’ll find the volume and power keys on the right, while the left side is completely bare. It’s spotless! The s22 Ultra camera is said to have performed really well this time around! Katukttu was scarce for me. In my opinion, it’s a huge improvement over the earlier work. Previous models’ kabuki designs didn’t always turn out well, but I believe the S22 Ultra’s this time did. At the very bottom, on the left, you’ll see a pen. Other features include a speaker and a USB port for charging. #Samsung Clear Cover Review – Genuine Product Clear Cover. I had never used a Samsung case before, but this one worked out just fine? The z-flip: What has occurred to Samsung since that period? What’s the point of making everything look so nice? Because of this, I’m a big fan of this case! There’s a hole in the rear for the camera to fit through. All three materials used to make the product are manufactured out of polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane, and polyester (PET). The side is soft silicone, and the rear is hard plastic. Only Samsung has a camera hole in this kind of casing. I intended to get it from Spigen or Linked. Still, none of the other manufacturers had anything like this. on the side button, it’s easy to find it. The button should be simple to push, in my opinion. According to the charging terminal, speaker, and pen plug, there is a hole in the bottom. There are no unnecessary extras. Isn’t it cool? Each lens was properly matched by the camera portion, which had a genuine Samsung transparent cover. For all I know, the real Samsung version may have a little gap or not fit my device at all, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one does, and I’m happy about that. The device’s top and bottom were thicker than the rest, which gave the impression that it would be more protected in the event of a drop. If you’d want to see what it’s like to wear the case, check out my video! I even snapped a photo of the front! This photo was taken of me from behind, and it fell off even if I didn’t have a case on it. As a result of the case’s thickness, I suggest the Samsung authentic case to anybody concerned about their phone’s liquid crystal bending and shattering. Because the charging port is somewhat larger, I believe it was designed to be plugged in easily. There’s a little hole on the top that I have no idea what it is. It’s possible to utilize the silicone component on the side without the oil film if you look attentively at the dot pattern. There are no dots on the back since it is composed of a strong substance. The lens is also included in the case. When seen from the side, the casing seems to protrude more. I recorded it in a video, so be sure to check it out! Let’s have a peek around and start moving some information about it! I’m using the Note 10+ and a cable to transfer the info. After an hour and a half of transfer time, all of the data, including pictures, were successfully transferred. I ate supper and cleaned my kid while transferring the data, so it was all done! Everything I took with me was nearly completely organized.

In addition to the phone itself, I received a free film and case. To my amazement, they provided me both of the mobile phones that I had booked in advance via a strong collaboration. That’s a lot of work. The film will no longer be shown on mobile phone screens as of this model. As a result, you’ll need to purchase a different film and apply it. What a disappointment. Anyway, this concludes my evaluation of the Samsung transparent cover and pre-order of the s22 Ultra!! To put it another way,


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